Everything is political

The realm of politics is a difficult one. I question why people can’t be honest and say things as they are instead of thinking of how to phrase it. Yet I know that shooting your mouth off can lead to disastrous consequences – communication is not just about what you intend to say but how other people take it. Language is fraught with manipulation – all kinds of language: spoken, body, even mathematics/statistics. I think about how politics work, after coming back from my trip: the politics of resource (what I’m meant to be learning), the politics of people (social politics, naturally learnt after spending such an extended time with others).

I question its study. I mean, it’s good to know about how politics work since it has a great influence on our lives. Yet, it’s kinda. Useless? Politics doesn’t change anything, it’s all about power plays, getting people to see your point of view (soft power), persuasion, how much people can or cannot see that they’re getting swayed. How much free will do people actually have?

I’m more interested in making REAL differences: new ideas, new policies, leaving the politics for other people to fight over. It’s good enough to simply know about its existence.

But maybe it’s just part of my personality. While I seem rather assertive, I think I’m pretty easy going with most decisions, even though I ‘may be at a loss’ (e.g. project groupings and how people made a fuss about it. But I think I’m generally ok with teaming up with ‘weaker’ people/being at a disadvantage or other situations like this). There will always be conflicts of interests and people will always try to sell their popular ideas/agendas to each other. But I think it natural and alright. As long as the decision is done in the ‘spirit of excellence’, and something is being done in the first place.

[I guess it’s like how I cannot fully understanding the aims of things like ISIS/wars and stuff about people being oppressed. Perhaps because I’ve never felt that FULL EXTENT of pain, I don’t know. To me, we all search for happiness and there are just too many factors that influence that. Just because you attain ‘freedom’/whatever your goals are doesn’t mean that you’ll be happy. The pain it takes to get there may be too much. Then again sure there are causes worth fighting for – for the benefit of the future. Fighting for women’s rights that kind of politics. Anyway.]