Life changes

Is it difficult for you to tell your parents that you want to change your religion? Those people whom I’ve met who find it hard to confess this to their parents would be those brought up in Christian/Muslim families.

I don’t think I’ll find it difficult to do so. Then again, I don’t think I’m the kind of person who is vocal and explicit about sharing my life with my family. Rather, I let them know by showing them. For instance, I’ll just stop going to church. Or in the case of my current lifestyle, I’ve just simply stop eating meat (I still won’t say that I’m super strict about it; I mean, I do eat biscuits and bread which may contain milk and eggs, or I’ll just consume whatever makes me happy. But it’s always nice for people to know and offer the alternative). I’ve not told my parents when I did well or badly in school, be it academic or other things like co-curricular activities.

A senior of mine went to Sheffield on a student exchange and had a conversation about religion with a local student. He said that he found it amazing how ‘Asians own their religions’. We don’t inherit our religion from our families; he stated the example of how there were many British people who were Protestant because it was their family’s religion, whereas in Asian you’ll find a lot more families with mixed religions, of first/second generation Christians/Muslims/Buddhists/Taoists etc., basically, a much greater variety. Religion is something personal to the individual, a choice. What kind of lifestyle do you want to lead. Who do you want to marry. How do you want to die, and where do you want to go after that.

Do what you want to do.