Read this blog to find out more about who I am, what I think about, and what I stand for.

Please write to me: tell me what you think and feel! I’ll love to hear from you.

I’m interested in thinking. About contradictions, challenging conventional ways of thought, increasing perspectives and stuff like that.

The purpose of this blog:

I remember starting this page as a place to park my thoughts. I didn’t want to make it personal, in case I decided to let people who didn’t know me well to read it. People who don’t know me well have read it, are still reading it? Over time, I realised it’s kind of impossible to not write about myself here. All these thoughts that I have and write about, they’re a part of me, they represent who I am, how I think, how I feel. I desire to maintain some sort of distance, I don’t want the validity of my opinions to be overshadowed by who I am as a person. Even worse, I don’t want people who don’t know me well to read my blog and assume they know me from what I’ve written about here.

I think upon starting this blog, I was a different person, a very private one. I still am, but in a different way. I find it easier to talk about myself now – after all, I am nothing special that my experiences/thoughts are precious. I think I’m fairly open, I don’t need much trust to share my feelings with people. Anyway. Just thought that I should express my desires for this blog here: it’s meant to reflect who I am, it’s meant to make you think, it’s for you to know more about me, holistically, but definitely don’t prematurely judge who I am based on what I’ve written. [2018]


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